Sunday, October 25, 2009


This is the new piece I have been working on.

Sometime back I went out into the backyard at twilight and looked up to see the most glorious sky. It was late and the Sun had nearly set and it looked like one last burst of energy before it went off for the night. The colours inspired me to make this earring.

It has a Swarovski ravoli in the middle and Opal fire Swarovski around. Will be putting it up soon on Made It.

The Start....

 Let me tell you a little about myself...
I am a Mum of two and need I say more on that front!!! That is a full time job in itself, though they are 16 and 9, I still seem to be running circles around them. So, in order to keep my sanity, I de stress by creating.  Its what I have been doing for several years now. To name a few things I have done- candle making, pot painting and folk art (I still paint them...will put up a few pictures).

My forray into jewellery was by accident. I had been surfing the net to figure out how to make curtain tiebacks when I came accross handmade jewellery. So I spent some months experimenting and trying out the different methods. I fell hopelessly in love with it. So what you see is completely self taught and a lot of experimenting but all made with a lot of love and passion. There is a routine at my place, whatever I make a piece of jewellery I keep it on the living room table, The hubby and kids all come home and go striaght to the table and I get their unbiased comments on the piece created. Yeah...some pieces are sadly in the remake box!!

I have sold some pieces in the past month and thats when one of my beaders told me about Made It. It really is a great place to showcase your craft. I finally got things organized and managed to have it running on the weekend. Today I decided to figure out blogging..and this is what I could manage.

Now that you know me a little, I promise new posts will have more pictures of work I am doing.